FEV Marine is your complete source for marine aquarium supplies. We also have supplies for freshwater aquariums, planted tanks, and ponds. Wholesale or retail.

Many of these supplies can also be used for aquaculture and aquaponics. Our water testing digital meters (pH, TDS, Electroconductivity, salinity, Dissolved Oxygen, and ORP) have a wide range of application.

We provide quality products with a low price guarantee.

Our products:

HM Digital
HM Digital, Inc. (Premier Water Testing Instruments - pH, TDS, and ORP meters)
Sunsun (Pond Filters, UV filters, Water Pumps, Wavemakers, Heaters, and LED Pond Lights)
Omega One
Omega One Nutrition
2 Little Fishes
Two Little Fishies (Marine and Reef Aquarium Products)
Neptune Systems
Neptune Systems (Aquarium Controller - Monitor and Control Your Aquarium With Your Cellphone and More)
Blue Treasure
Blue Treasure Aquarium Salt
Jebao (Water Pumps and Wavemakers)
Milwaukee Instruments (DO meter, pH Meters, Digital Refractometer, EC meter)
Atago (Refractometers Made in Japan)
FEV Products
FEV Products (Concentrated Antichlorine and Coral Supplements)

Salinity Refractometers

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Our Address is: 9 Orestes Lane, Bagong Lipunan Ng Crame, Cubao Quezon City Philippines

Landline: (02)-7719-2509, 8571-7932 Cellphone: 0917-775-5366

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