Blue Treasure Reef Salt Mix
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Price: PHP 700 per 6.7 kg zip lock bag  (VAT exclusive)

The new formulas of Blue Treasure synthetic series sea salts are the result of years of research into the physiological demands of corals in the reef aquarium environment and the growth and breeding of other marine animals around the world.

The raw materials of all series Blue Treasure synthetic sea salts are selected from pure, food grade materials and contains all kinds of trace elements, in accordance with the composition of natural seawater around coral reefs, as well as some other special vitamins and protective colloids. Blue Treasure sea salt has a distinct effect for improving immune function of marine living organisms.

The Blue Treasure sea salt for coral reef aquarium contains all trace elements found in natural seawater around coral reefs, such as calcium(Ca), magnesium(Mg), iodine(I), strontium(Sr), molybdenum(Mo), iron(Fe), rubidium(Rb), manganese(Mn), barium(Ba), selenium(Se),  fluoride(F), bromine(Br), lithium(Li), zinc(Zn), aluminum(Al), nickel(Ni), cesium(Cs), cobalt(Co), boron(B), Vanadium(V) and water-soluble B1, B12,etc..

It does not contain any harmful elements and nutritive elements, such as nitrate(NO3), phosphate(PO4), and silicate(Si), etc..

It undergoes strict quality control process during manufacturing and drying state. It dissolves rapidly, and the resulting synthetic saltwater is very clear.

The products can enhance the absorptive capacity of marine living organisms, improve their physique, and maintains ideal buffer capacity and a stable pH. It is particularly suitable for sensitive marine aquarium husbandry and cultivation.

The Blue Treasure sea salts are used for many years in public aquariums, zoos, and scientific institutions around the world.

Directions for use:1 kg of Blue Treasure sea salt dissolved in 28.5 liters of fresh water until the salt completely dissolved. At a temperature of 20 Degrees C, the specific gravity of the saltwater should range to 1.026.
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