Price indicated is for Mover M3400.

Waver 2 channel controller sold separately.

Mover Wavemakers

The Rossmont Circulation Pump is a high performance pump with compact dimensions. They're the smallest orientable aquarium circulation pumps (compared to other pumps of similar output) in the world. The wide and turbulent flow can be set to 120 degrees or concentrated to 60 degrees with the included concentrator nozzle. The Mover was developed to recreate the effect of the natural marine currents on barrier reefs.

-  Made in Italy
-  Pump rotates easily in every direction
-  Timer compatible
-  The innovative axial rotor with a highly efficient propeller reduces energy consumption & heat transmission
-  Includes cleaning brush
-  Includes concentrator to focus flow to 60 degrees
-  The Vibration Absorbing System absorbs vibration by apposite components made of special rubber so vibrations (and noise) are not transmitted to the environment
-  For tanks with small fish you can add the (included) protection grid so fish don't wander in when the pump is turned off
-  Every pump has a serial number
-  With magnet
-  6 foot power cord
-  3 Year Warranty