500 grams

For Aquariums: Mix ½ teaspoon of FEV Buffer  per   20  gallons   of   water into a cup of aquarium water. Add about a quarter cup of the mixture to the aquarium. Wait approximately half an hour. Continue adding a quarter cup of the solution every 30 minutes

For ponds: Mix one teaspoon of FEV Buffer per 200 gallons of water in a bucket of pond water.  After completely dissolved, pour throughout the pond.

Measure the pH and KH level of your tank/pond after 24 hours. It should show a slight upward increase.

Measure pH and KH every day, but allow a week for the pH and KH to continue rising. Never raise the KH more than 1 dKH per day.  If the pH or KH is still not high enough, repeat the process.  The KH should be 7-9 dKH.

No phosphates or nitrates!

STORAGE: Store in a dry place away from direct sunlight