- Sunsun CEF Large Flow Pond Pump
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- Sunsun CEF Large Flow Pond Pump
- Sunsun CEF Large Flow Pond Pump
- Sunsun CEF Large Flow Pond Pump
- Sunsun CEF Large Flow Pond Pump
- Sunsun CEF Large Flow Pond Pump

The SunSun CEF High Performance Tube Pump was made for continuous operation and can be used as pond pump, filter pump, streaming pump or for water circulation.

Ideal to be used in large ponds and to deliver large volumes of water.

The pumps of SunSun's CEF Pond-Pump Series are able to handle dirt particles up to 6mm without clogging. A stable pump basket protects pump from larger particles and other impurities.

Regardless of whether you operate the pump horizontally or vertically, the built-in wear-resistant ceramic shaft ensures a long life.

The CEF includes a 75 mm Outlet, in which customary PVC tubes can be glued or pasted in.

According to the type of usage, the ideal circulation cycle depends on different factors: the fish population, aquatic plants, the quantity of sunlight or the desired water clarity. It goes without saying that, as the case may be, there are further components of the filter circuit that are to be coordinated, if necessary.

The following information may serve you as a guideline:
Koi pond / Fish pond:
- 1 cycle per 3 hours
- 2 circulations in 1 hour (without plantings and with large fish population)

Garden pond / Plant pond:
Regarding a pond without fish, there is less circulation necessary. One circulation in a day can be taken as a guideline in order to enrich the pond water with oxygen and to keep the water in constant movement.

Swim pond:
In this case the circulation cycle is highly dependent on the planting and the individual claim.
The upper limit is to be made at 1 x in 2-3 hours, the lower limit at “no circulation”.

Cleaning of the pond pumps:
In order to ensure a proper function of the pond pumps it is indispensable to clean them regularly.

Model Volt Freq Watt Hmax Flow Outlet Cable Dimensions
CEF-16000 220V 60Hz 75W 2.0m 20000L/h 75mm 10m 225x200x600mm
CEF-22000 220V 60Hz 95W 2.6m 22000L/h 75mm 10m 225x200x600mm
CEF-26000 220V 60Hz 135W 3.5m 26000L/h 75mm 10m 225x200x600mm
CEF-30000 220V 60Hz 200W 4.0m 30000L/h 75mm 10m 225x200x600m

Note: We do not recommend you extend the pipe too much vertically about 0.5 to 1.0 meter extension at most.  You should not reduce pipe diameter nor extend it as flow will be severely restricted if you do.  This is because it is designed as a transfer/circle pump.

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