Sunsun JUP-23 Submersible UV Filter Pump
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- Suitable for tanks up to about 100 gallons average fish load. This is assuming a properly working bio and mechanical filter is also installed.
- Dimension: Approximately 34 cm L X 8 cm W X 8 cm H
- Pump power: 8 Watts
- 13 Watts UV light
- 220 V / 60 Hz SunSun JUP-23 submersible UV sterilizer allows simple and effective UV control algae. C

Compact and versatile units are ready to install - no additional tubing or circulation pump required. Built-in pump directs waterborne organisms past the UV-C lamp for clean, clear aquarium water. Install in vertical or horizontal position right in your aquarium or sump. For fresh and saltwater aquariums. Includes UV unit with built-in pump and UV ballast, UV-C lamp, and suction cup. Change bulb yearly for optimum UV performance.


- Designed for aquarium use. Must be fully submerged when running.
- Not recommended to connect to top/overhead filter as outlet is square
- In most cases a bio-filter and chemical filter like canister filter will be needed (sold separately). You cannot put filter media in this item JUP-23 as it is UV with built-in water pump only.
- Can also provide additional aeration via the hose connected to the top of the unit. If you want to use this function it should not be placed too deep otherwise it cannot suck in the air.

JUP-21 220V 60Hz 8W 7W 0.6m 800L/h 1.0kg 68x80x295mm
JUP-22 220V 60Hz 8W 9W 0.6m 800L/h 1.0kg 68x80x320mm
JUP-23 220V 60Hz 8W 13W 0.6m 800L/h 1.0kg 68x80x340mm

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