- Sunsun UV Sterilizer 7 watts
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We are an official sunsun distributor for the Philippines.  Wholesale price available upon request.

model power cons. power UV-C(%) capacity max pressure through flow inlet&outlet adapter cable length length
CUV-107 11W 7W 6800hour 6000L 0.3bar 1200L/h 5/8" 1m/2m 236mm
CUV-109A 12W 9W 6800hour 8000L 0.3bar 1500L/h 5/8"-1.5" 1m/2m 270mm
CUV-111 15W 11W 6800hour 10000L 0.3bar 1700L/h .75"~1.5" 1m/4m 314mm
CUV-111A 15W 11W 6800hour 10000L 0.3bar 1700L/h 1/2~1 1/2" 1m/2m 340mm
CUV-118 20W 18W 6800hour 20000L 0.3bar 2500L/h .75"~1.5" 1m/4m 314mm
CUV-136 40W 36W 6800hour 35000L 0.3bar 4500L/h .75"~1.5" 1m/4m 490mm
CUV-155 58W 55W 6800hour 50000L 0.3bar 5000L/h .75"~1.5" 1m/4m 672mm
CUV-172 80W 2×36W 6800hour 60000L 0.3bar 6000L/h .75"~1.5" 2×1m/4m 980mm

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